Online Information Security Notice

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How to protect your information?

Be aware to fake websites



Online Information Security Notice

This Online Information Security Notice sets out required and important contents related to content sets outhe security of the Online Customer Centre security informatioof Store Friendly Self Storage Group (“Company”). Online Customer Center refers to the internet enquiry or payment or other various services provided to its customers on its official websites.

All Customers should note the followings:

1. The Company does not and will not send out emails embedded with hyperlinks for Customers login and as such, all Customers are reminded NOT to login to the Online Customer Centre through any hyperlinks embedded in any emails.

2. Customers should keep all personal information secured. The Company does not and will not ask Customers to reveal their personal information, e.g. Login Name, Password or One-Time Password (OTP) or other account details of Customers by email, SMS or by phone.

3. Customers are advised to check the transaction details enclosed with your SMS-based OTP for two-factor authentication carefully and such transaction details must be correct and accurate and reflect the transaction to be conducted by you via the Online Customer Centre. If Customers are unsure or in doubt, please do not input your OTP at any webpage and contact the Company immediately.

4. Customers should login to the Online Customer Centre and ensure the accuracy of the registered mobile phone number from time to time. In case of any discrepancy, please contact the Company immediately by calling:

Storefriendly 24-hr hotline (852) 8202 0811

5. The Company shall from time to time update any information provided in this Online Information Security Notice and any updates shall take immediate effect. Customers are hereby reminded to read the contents and their updates contained in this Online Information Security Notice from time to time ould read the Company's securitso that Customers are aware of any updated information the Company provides on this Online Information Security Notice as well as to adopt any adequate and appropriate measures in preventing any unauthorised disclosure of personal information unknowingly. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any consequence as a result of Customers neglecting intentionally or recklessly this Online Information Security Notice.

6. Customers must from time to time pay attention to the layout, design and arrangement of the webpage/s of the Online Customer Centre. Please contact the Company immediately in case of any unusual change or enquiry.

7. The Company hereby declare and confirm its official websites are:

Store Friendly Self Storage Group
Store Friendly Self Storage Group
Store Friendly Self Storage Group

8. Privacy Policy can be found in the official websites of the Company.

9. The English version of this Online Information Security Notice shall prevail.

10. This Online Information Security Notice shall be construed and governed by the laws of Hong Kong and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong applies.

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Online security protection:

“Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) is implemented to ensure all data transfer is safe and to avoid any data being stolen by someone.

Fire wall has been installed to server in order to avoid unauthorized access to our system.

System will automatically force to log out in the case of no activities being held for a period of time.

No login username, password and/or any personal information will be asking through email.

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How to protect your information?

Keep safety of your personal information and password.

Do not keep your password together with any security devices.

Do not use any numbers and/or characters that are easy to guess; do not use the same password in any other websites/ systems.

Do not be tempted to share your username and password with anyone. No one at Storefriendly will ever ask you for your password.

Please memorize your password, do not mark it down and/or leave it unattended.

Please change your password regularly.

In case you lose your password or suspect your password has been used by others, or the login time in your account record is not correct, please contact our company immediately.

Please have password-protected for your personal computer.

Please download updates of operating system and browser regularly.

Please install fire wall for your personal computer.

Please install anti-virus software to your personal computer, and should be updated on a regular basis with the latest virus definition files.

Please do not open any email or download anything from unrecognized source, you should delete it right away.

If you will make any transactions at any internet banking system through wireless network, please ensure to strengthen the security setting.

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Be aware to fake websites

Be aware that there are fake websites designed to trick you and collect your personal information.

We will never send emails to request for your personal information include but not limited to your username, password, account balance, ID number or passport number, etc.

Never follow a link contained in an email, always use a known web address or a 'Favorite' link.

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